The year 2005 started it all. While I was in my senior year at Rutgers University, my career as an editor began with an internship at VH1 Classic. I got to sit with the editors and learn everything on the job. Before landing such a sweet gig, I had no idea how I would get into the business. I never went to film school, I never had a portfolio. Armed with a hard work ethic, a willingness to learn everything and a passion for something I had only done as a hobby, I traveled the tracks of the northeast corridor from New Brunswick to Penn Station finding myself with a smile on my face thinking, “Welcome to New York City”.

Twice a week I commuted to the city, balancing what was left of my senior year. At the end of that fall semester I was left with wanting more. They asked me back for the final semester of my senior year which then lead into being hired as a full time editor straight out of college. I am thankful for that opportunity because it’s not everyday a kid straight out of college gets hired as full time editor. That internship was such a valuable lesson and experience that I will never forget.

It is there that I formed the foundation of what I know today thanks to the wonderful crew at VH1 Classic…to the producers, production people, camera operators, everyone in between and of course, the editors. After being with that crew for almost a year and a half, I moved on to my current home at Attitude, Inc.

While cutting promos at Attitude, I then developed a passion for voiceover. I would always scratch in my own temp voiceover and it got to a point where someone actually liked my voice and wanted to use it. My voice was heard in movie theaters as well as on air and online platforms. From there, I then trained with 'Uncle Roy' of Antland Productions. I worked my way to recording a promo voice over demo.

I currently live in New York City with my wife Lindsey and our Bull Terrier/Basenji mix named Barbara. I also play guitar in a punk rock band called Jaguar Shark.

My work has received the follow award recognition:
(2) Emmy Award Nominations
(5) Promax BDA Gold Award
(3) Promax BDA Silver Award
(7) Promax BDA Bronze Award
(1) New York Television Festivals Bronze World Medal
(1) CLIO Entertainment Award